Brands looking for Influencer/Athlete Partnerships:

Invest into a tailored partnership deal with a micro/macro influencer, celebrity or professional athlete that fits your brand! We have a rapidly expanding network of influencers and athletes in all niches that are always open and looking for new brand partnership opportunities.

Find the perfect influencer to rep your brand! Choose from influencers in all industries… fitness, fashion, music, modeling, lifestyle and more! We also have a massive pool of athletes in UFC, NFL, and other professional sports that are looking for new partnerships!

Credibility is everything, and nothing screams credibility like having a big time influencer/athlete rep your brand. Our influencer and athlete clients always guarantee deliverables and fully execute.



You tell us what kind of influencer, athlete, public figure you’re looking for, and we will give you some relevant options to choose from! 



You pick who you want, and then we set up a group meeting with everyone necessary to discuss the goals, vision and logistics.


We come to an agreement and lock in a deal. We put together a contract and both parties sign. Soon as you pay, your influencer begins working and creating content for your brand!

If you are an Influencer or athlete looking for partnerships

Share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, make announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

look no further! We’ll help you score the perfect brand to work with. We work with and  have developed strong relationships with hundreds of different brands in all sorts of niches/industries: CBD/Cannabis, Supplement, Product, Restaurant, Beverage, Dessert and more.

Book a call with a member of our team and we'll help you connect with the brand or influencer you're looking for! We will help put together a fair, mutually beneficial deal for both parties so everyone wins!