Credibility is a key factor when building an online brand. Having proportional engagement on your Instagram posts is vital to maximizing that credibility and getting your posts shown to more people. This service instantly helps your brand appear more trustworthy & helps to drive your page more exposure.

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We drive you instant credibility through helping your posts receive more likes, video views and comments. Instagram recognizes the influx of quality engagement on your page and helps by pushing your posts to the explore page more, ranking it higher on hashtags/location, and showing more or your followers your post at the top of their feeds!


You post, we drive high quality engagement over a 1-2 hour period, and then Instagram shares your post even more because that’s the how they keep people on their app.. by sharing the content that people like & engage with the most.


Perception is reality online, you must look the part to be taken seriously. The bigger your numbers, the more credibility you have and better first impression you give to the newcomer checking out your page. In addition, your page grows faster due to your posts becoming more visible than ever!


What are the requirements?

Make sure your account is on “public” and not private any point while working with us so we can always deliver our promotions. Please try to avoid changing your Instagram username, but if you do, be sure to let us know immediately so we can update your profile and keep services running smoothly!

Is this campaign for me?

Couse it is! It’s never been more vital to build your credibility online and gain new exposure quickly. Your competition is investing into their pages, and so should you. And if you think they aren’t, they are... or they aren’t much competition. If you aren’t investing into your Instagram, you’ll find it’s getting progressively harder to grow organically and significantly. Thankfully, we can help. Leveraged properly, our services will help you increase business, open up new doors, and attract you new opportunities. You must appear relevant while constantly reaching new eyes to gain followers at any noticeable rate. Taking advantage of our services will allow you to get responses from higher level individuals in the DM’s and establish immediate trust with new potential clients/customers.

Will this help me with networking?

While utilizing a 432 Magnify engagement campaign, you gain access to our incredible engagement/networking groups filled with like-minded entrepreneurs, businesses, brands, influencers, artists and many others who all share the same goal and vision of leveling up every day and helping others!

How does this work?

Once your purchase, we get your campaign set up as quickly as possible. Once you get the “go-ahead” text message from a team member, you’re all set to post! We automatically get notified when you post and promote your post throughout our networks all you have to do is focus on putting out high quality content and networking with new people daily to achieve best results!

Is this service safe?

Absolutely! Our clients have never experienced any blocks/bans from using of our services. If anything, we relieve clients of any “action block” they might be experiencing on their account due to specific content being posted that goes against Instagram’s guidelines and allow them to get the exposure they deserve! Additionally, we will never ask for your password as we do not need it to run our promotions.

Will I be automatically billed?

Yes, you are investing into a reoccurring monthly campaign meaning you will be automatically billed every 30 days and continue to receive services and benefits of our community. If you would like to cancel at any point, simply request to cancel via email or text message

How long before I start seeing results?

As soon as you post you’ll see the engagement begin! But like always, your best results will come when leveraging the strong image we’re helping you create while networking online and in person. We recommend networking heavily within our community group chats as we have many very high level people in there. Many with millions of followers and blue checks creating amazing careers in business and music!

Your Network = Your Net Worth

Is it easy to start?

Once you get a campaign locked in with us, which only takes a few minutes, we make sure your campaign is up and running ASAP. Usually fully active within an hour, always within 1 business day.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course, when working with us there are no contracts, commitments or cancellation fees. At
any point you can request a cancellation by emailing our support team or texting your account manager and we’ll make sure you are not billed again.