Instant Credibility
Organic SEO
Elite Branding
  Instant Credibility
Organic SEO
  Instant Credibility
Organic SEO
Elite Branding
  Instant Credibility
Organic SEO

step 1

 Understanding Vision

We connect 1 on 1 to understand your specific goals and vision for moving forward

step 2

Review & Analysis

Our professional writers review the information you submit to us and analyze how we can best express your story.

step 3

Writing & Publishing

Our team writes engaging articles with catchy titles and then publishes them on Google where they will rank high and help you generate a buzz.

Do I Need Press?

Every brand needs press. Having press helps separate you from your competition by driving you massive amounts of credibility. When anyone searches your name on Google, your articles will be right there at the top!

In this digital age we’re living in, having press is a prerequisite to being taken seriously in the online space. When someone searches you up to see if you’re legit or not, they will be blown away when they see your name all over Google. Now that anyone has the opportunity to read all about you, your story, and your values, people will feel instant trust in you!

Everyone wants that blue check next to their name, but unfortunately it’s not possible to achieve without having press. Verification on social media platforms gives you that credibility boost that everyone dreams of, and an advantage when it comes to doing business, gaining interest, and establishing trust. Getting press for your brand is an important and exciting step in taking your brand's awareness and credibility to the next level. 

Benefits of Having Press

Enhanced Credibility 

We make sure that when someone searches your name on google they see numerous articles talking about your brand, driving your instant credibility and trust!

More Business

As your exposure increases, so does your business. “Your network is your net worth”. The more people that see the moves you’re making online, the more people will want to connect with you therefore allowing more opportunities to present themselves!

Increased Exposure

We get you featured on top ranking sources, websites and magazines allowing you to get seen by thousands!


Do I need press?

Of course! Anyone taking their brand seriously must have high quality press releases about themselves all over the internet to establish credibility and maintain relevance!

How does the process work?

The process is streamlined and easy. Once you fill out a form, one of our specialists will reach out to schedule a phone call with you to learn more about your brand and put together a plan that will help drive the most exposure!

How much does it cost?

Completely depends on how much press you’re looking to get! Typically, press packages start at $500 and go up from there depending on which publications, how many articles you want and other factors.